illumineX Mainnet Rollout Plan

The next stages begin,

After what has been an incredible first month of growth for illumineX, it’s now time to move onto the next part of the journey — the mainnet rollout plan.

Recap over the last 2 months

  • Over 20,000 private cross-chain transactions on the testnet instance
  • Working and ready to go product covering many EVM chains and assets with flexibility to bring even more coverage for cross-chain private swaps and bridging, as well as non-EVM networks such as Bitcoin shortly after the launch
  • Successful IDO with $550,000 raised across private and public rounds, with the public round sold out in under 1 minute
  • 10,000+ followers on X (Twitter) and around 4000 within the Telegram community
  • Several exciting partnership enquiries received

Audit status

illumineX Team has everything ready for the launch, however we value the safety of our users first, which is why we want to release an audited product to ensure all user funds are safe. For this reason, we’ve decided to wait for the audit finalisation.

We are currently waiting for the “go ahead” from our auditors, we expect launch date to shift slightly.

It means that illumineX release is getting shifted from early January to mid-late January.

We appreciate it’s a little later than the original forecast but hopefully you can appreciate that the extra time will work out for the best in the long run for illumineX as a product and our community!

Stage 1 — Liquidity / Pre-Farm

We have released a submission form below to gauge the initial interest in providing liquidity from our amazing community. This is a vital step prior to releasing swaps to ensure sufficient depth across all the cross-chain pairs that we’ll be listing upon launch.

This is a step we highly value people participating in! 🍃

Please complete this form with the chosen chains and pairs you’ll be looking to supply liquidity to/from, also the time period you have in mind to lock liquidity for:

The longer you lock — the higher the token rewards you can receive.

Stage 2 — Swaps enabled

At this stage, we’ll be enabling the majority of the cross-chain private swaps that have sufficient liquidity to provide a positive user experience. This will be expanded over time and we’re constantly monitoring the market and our community’s needs.

Stage 3 — $IX Token Launch

It’s at this stage the IDO participants can claim their $IX on Oasis Network’s Sapphire paratime. We’ll be releasing further info on this closer to release.


We have a expansive roadmap for the upcoming year, the first thing we are focusing on is non-EVM chains support, to cover an even bigger market share of confidential cross-chain swaps and bridging demand. The first non-EVM chain we will support will be native Bitcoin, meaning users of illumineX will have access to swapping native Bitcoin into/from supported EVM chains currencies!

More details on the roadmap:

We hope you are all as excited as we are about the next stages of illumineX. Please stay tuned to our socials for all of the latest information!

We wish you Happy Holidays! 💚

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-The illumineX Team