Full launch & TGE

We are finally there! We are expecting to have the TGE and the full launch at 17:00 UTC today.

Farming emissions will also be live after TGE!

We hope you are excited as we are! The journey is just about to start, and the months ahead will be even more exciting with all the additional features and improvements we have in mind.

Over the next months we’ll continue to iterate over feedback to make the user experience as good as possible, but you can expect to see improvements in things as additional chains being supported, NON EVM engine to support confidential swaps between EVM <> BITCOIN, user interface overhauls and many others.

IDO participants claiming $IX tokens

Claiming your tokens is really simple and straightforward, we have developed a page where you can handle the claiming and single sided staking. In addition to the steps below, you will also need ROSE for the gas token, as we support cross chain swaps, you can just swap from an EVM chain and get ROSE tokens in return.

To claim your tokens, follow these steps:

1. Go to IX token management page
2. Connect wallet and switch to Oasis network
3. If you have any allocations, you will see the different claim buttons at the button of the page with the set allocation for you

Must know for TGE & purchasing IX

As we all know, participating in any TGE is a very stressful event as it’s a time sensitive movement.

Purchasing IX — For the first hour, we have restrictions set at a max purchase at 54,000 IX tokens per transaction as an anti-whale prevention feature along with token tax that will be used for buyback and burn instantly after the hour is up.

Slippage for IX — During the first hour, we have also automatically set the slippage for you to 95%, the reasoning for this is to ensure swap orders go through, especially if user is entering from another chain eg Ethereum → Sapphire. The transfer takes time and if slippage is too low, it would revert and user would require to have ROSE tokens to claim their refund and start the process, and that’s why we have set a HIGH SLIPPAGE AUTOMATICALLY for you to minimize friction during the first hour, and only the first hour.

Instant purchases of IX — To have instant swaps even when doing a cross chain swap or regular swaps, the best approach is you swap into pIX (private wrapped IX token) as it does not go through the buffering queue. The address is not listed due to anti bot prevention, you can find the token in the swap’s drop down menu.

$IX Launch Mechanics

To ensure a smooth and fair launch to all participants, we have put several measures in place for the $IX listing. Please make sure you understand these fully before partaking in any market activities:

- Anti-Whale — For the first 1 hour of trading, wallets will be restricted in buying a maximum of .50% of the circulating $IX tokens. This will benefit fairer distribution for early market participants. This will be removed after 1 hour.

- Anti-Bot — Not all of these mechanics will be made public, however we have taken steps to minimise any malicious bot activity upon launch.

- Initial Buy & Sell Tax — For the first 7 minutes of trading, a 35% buy and sell tax will be applied to the $IX token. This is a strong deterrent to minimise any bot participation.

— Once the 7 minute window has finished, buy & sell tax will be reduced to 10% for the remainder of that one hour from launch.

— Once $IX has been live for one hour, all collected taxes will be used in one large buy back and burn.

- The contract address will be released across our social platforms after listing, adding another layer of difficulty in getting a head start for any malicious actors that are paying attention.

We have recognised the demand in the market for our launch, we have ensured there will be sufficient liquidity to cater for however the market reacts.

The pair on launch will be $IX/$Rose on Sapphire, auto routing is in place from other pairs but is subject to bridging delays, costs and slippage. For the best experience, you swap into “pIx” (private wrapped version) of $IX token as it does not need to get processed in the buffering queue.

We can appreciate the above mechanics won’t make things perfect for each individual set of circumstances, but are strong steps in the right direction to deter any manipulation that some may consider partaking in.

Farming and Single Sided Staking

$IX token is currently the only token that is available for single sided staking, the staking can be initiated by going to the IX token management page. Single sided staking works the same way as Farming expect you do not deposit LP tokens.

Pairs with APR (Additional pairs will be added as we go)

polygon <> ethUSDT
bscUSDT <> ethUSDT
ethUSDC <> ethUSDT
arbETH <> ethUSDT
bscBNB <> ethUSDT
ETH <> ethUSDT

The APR is dynamic and each lockup period is a unique pool with its own APR

Learn more about farming & single sided staking

Charting & Analytics

We have deployed our own analytics. In addition to this we have also contacted Dexscreener to get them to add Sapphire chain to their supported list of networks along with the listing of our exchange platform.

You can view our analytics here.

Help us out with Dexscreener!

As Sapphire is a new chain, we’re still very much in the phases of developing and getting infrastructure to support all kinds of needs and with the help of the community, we can get the infrastructure in place faster!

ETA — unknown on Dexscreener, to support our listing request, it would be appreciated if you could give us an up vote in Dexscreener’s Discord for our chain listing + dex listing requests to possibly speed things up.

You can do that by joining their discord and then navigating into Forums → dex-listing / chain-listing and searching for “illuminex dex listing” or “Oasis sapphire listing”.

Dexscreener’s Discord channel

Do not take anything in here as financial advice, DYOR and be aware of the risks with cryptocurrencies!

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Docs — https://docs.illuminex.xyz/

- The illumineX Team