Development update 15/03/2024

As parts of our ongoing efforts to improve existing UI/UX, today we are introducing our new version of the internal Wallet, with this change we have made several changes to the product in addition to some of the terminology.

So what’s new?

The new Wallet is now more strongly integrated with the rest of the product, and moving towards the vision we have. One of the main goals we have with this update is that we want to bring more awareness to the rest of the product and the possibilities of it, such as transferring your private tokens, unwrapping them, or simply just maintaining your holdings as private wrapped assets.

The referral program

We are happy to say, that with this update we have also introduced the referral program, by sharing your custom referral link, you’ll earn a commission based on the swap volume that goes through the referred users. Payments to you are automatic, and are scheduled to happen bi-weekly. It is not live yet though, as we are performing extra testing to ensure your rewards are calculated correctly, we expect to deploy the back-end functionality in the next few days.

The referral program was also a technical requirement and a blocker for the airdrop checker, as users who refer users and have actual volume will be able to meet an additional multiplier for the airdrop.

We still have few complex features related to data aggregation before we can release the airdrop check page where you can connect and see your current points and which tasks you have eligibility for. Those who wish to get started already on this requirement can do so by sharing their personal referral link which can be found in the Wallet as soon as it’s live.


All IX rewards can now be seen and claimed in a single place without having to navigate through several pages. Referral rewards will also be present here after the automatic payment has been made.


All your positions are also visible within the Wallet, just navigate to “Positions” sub tab and you can filter by farms, staking, and liquidity pools.


Activity related data is now available also within the Wallet, just navigate to “History” sub tab and you can filter by the type of activity you want to see, unfortunately not all data will be visible there as this change is not backwards compatible. In the near future, we will also enable the “Export data” functionality that allows you to download your history as a CSV file to use for eg tax reporting, proof of funds etc.

Terminology changes

In our attempts to make some of the terminology easier to understand, we have now made the following changes to these labels, “Wrap, Unwrap” has now become “Shield, UnShield”. We hope that it would indicate explicitly what these actions do.

On the Wallet page, you’ll now see “Send, Shield, and UnShield” buttons instead of “Wrap, Unwrap”, functionality otherwise remains the same, giving you the ability to send your shielded tokens in a confidential manner to another wallet, and by shielding your regular tokens to maintain privacy or if you want to convert your shielded tokens into regular tokens you can do so by utilising the UnShield functionality, which would allow you to add the tokens to your EVM wallet instead and display balances correctly.

Native Bitcoin private swaps to/from EVM and non-EVM chains

Development is going very well on this front, and within the next few weeks we will open up beta testing and then after some broader initial testing we will open it up to the public for testing.

More information shortly on this topic.


Any feedback is welcome to help us improve the product and the user experience further, thank you.

— The illumineX team